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Staines Amateur Regatta 2024

Staines Amateur Regatta is a rowing and sculling regatta dating back to 1851 taking place on the River Thames in Staines-upon-Thames, annually on the 4th weekend in July. It features competitors from all age groups and abilities.

The event is free for spectators, who enjoy watching the race at the temporary licensed bar. There is an enclosure at the finishing line with BBQ, fresh sandwiches, teas, cakes and ice creams at Silvery Sands, 150metres downstream from the end of Wheatsheaf Lane, Staines-upon-Thames.

The 2024 regatta will be held across TWO DAYS on Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July – allowing even more racing and competitors more flexibility about when to race. The Saturday is the longer distance – 850m, with the Sunday being the more usual Staines sprint distance of 500m.

2024 Key Information

DATE: Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July 2024

COURSE DISTANCE : 850m downstream (Saturday) & 500m downstream (Sunday); free start; Launch Umpired

3 waves; no doubling up of crews or boats within a wave. We will have a “winner stays on” format for racing to minimise landing stage contact.

If an event is missing from below that you wish to enter please contact on

The Victor Ludorum Prize, sponsored by British Airways Rowing Club in memory of Brian Drew will be increased to £750 for the most successful club across both days. This prize is in honour of the long standing member Brian Drew who sadly passed away in June 2022.

2024 Entry Fees £18 per seat.

Events Offered in 2024

Event Saturday 27th July (850m) Sunday 28th July (500m) 
Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3  
Senior Open 4x
2x 2x 4x
Senior Women 2x 4x
Masters Open 2x 4x
1x 4x
1x 2x  
Masters Women 4x
1x 2x 2x 4x
Senior Mixed  2x 4x   
Masters Mixed  2x 4x   
Explore Rowing    4x+  
Junior Open  J12 4x+    
  J13 1x J13 4x+ J13 2x  
  J14 2x J14 1x J14 4x+  
 J15 4x+ J15 2x J15 1x J15 4x+ J15 2x J15 1x  
  J16 4xJ16 1x J16 2x  J16 1x J16 2x  
 J18 2x       
Junior Women   WJ12 4x+   
  WJ13 4x+ WJ13 1x WJ13 2x  
  WJ14 1x WJ14 4x+ WJ14 2x  
 WJ15 2x WJ15 1x WJ15 4x+ WJ15 2x WJ15 1x WJ15 4x+  
 WJ16 1x WJ16 2x WJ16 4x WJ16 1x WJ16 2x   
  WJ18 2x      

How to Enter

Entries close 8pm Saturday 20th July 2024.

Entries are by British Rowing On-line (BROE2) only. Day tickets accepted for both days (as part of the BR trial).

For all enquiries please phone 07540 799270 or email

Staines Amateur Regatta is held under the British Rowing Rules of Racing
Entries by British Rowing On-line (BROE2) only.
Bows on start, bows on finish.
All competitors must have a current Britsh Rowing (WARA or SARA) racing licence. Day tickets accepted at the Sprint (Sunday) Regatta (as part of the BR trial).
Boats, Oars and Sculls and dead weight cannot be provided.
The Regatta Committee reserves the right to alter events/entries as necessary; events need at least 4 entries to run.
Entries secured by full payment only.
Draw will take place on Sunday 21st July 2024 at 6pm